Photo Inspiration

My mom is a great knitter and she does equally well sewing. Looking at this picture the other day of a child/doll matching sweater ensemble she made that got me hungering to combine the two mediums. So I’ve taken out my yarn and knitted a few lengths of K1P2. For those of you non-knitters that’s Knit 1 row, Pearl 2 rows. The yarn I chose is an aubergine color though I don’t know what color fabric I’ll pair the knitted pieces with for the final creation, but I will keep you posted. I have always found photography inspiring. In fact, the first thing I bought myself after high school was a 35mm camera with changeable lenses. I’ve happily spent years photographing my family, bands I’ve seen, places I’ve traveled to and my creative endeavors. I felt re-energized recently when I read Patti Smith’s touching story of her great friendship with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. It reminds us that there was once a time when photography was still struggling to be considered art. IMAGINE!

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