Not Your Grandmother’s Crochet

I’ve always been a big fan of Knitta and other graffiti knitters throughout the world so I just wanted to share with you some of the examples I’ve come across traveling around New York City. If you have any that you’ve seen personally – send them to me and I’ll post them. I’d love this stuff!


Everyone is always asking me about reupholstering and I always say the same thing: it’s doable but its more physical labor than anything. Well my cousin finally challenged me and I took the bait. She had a really comfortable lounge chair that she didn’t’ want to get rid of but she had recently re-decorated and it didn’t match the rest of of her stuff.  When her mom (one of my earliest sewing inspirations! – pix on that later…) came up for a visit they did some measurements and ordered some distinctive black and white fabric that was gorgeous – I knew it would change the look of the chair completely (see before pix). I estimated that it would take about three evenings with us both working together to complete. In the end I was a little wrong but the chair proved to a bit more of a monster than we could have known until we took it apart. All in all it turned out beautifully, but we did end up having to order 3 additional yards of fabric.

Summer Sewing

We had a tremendously industrious and creative group of young fashionistas this summer – I could hardly keep up! We started off learning about applique and the group took it to a whole new level. From there we moved onto some simple clothing. I felt so inspired by everything the group was making! AND no one even complained about my constant call to “iron it now”!! We had a little time left over in our final session and Mara and Lucinda decided to make some pretty cool quilted potholders.