Boxed Corner Beach Bag

Anne Marie brought in a pattern for a boxed corner beach bag that she’d found on the internet that looked very interesting. She’d never done one before and was eager to try it. I loved the beautiful, bright yellow and white stripe canvas fabric for the outside. As she laid it out she decided to […]

Photo Inspiration

My mom is a great knitter and she does equally well sewing. Looking at this picture the other day of a child/doll matching sweater ensemble she made that got me hungering to combine the two mediums. So I’ve taken out my yarn and knitted a few lengths of K1P2. For those of you non-knitters that’s […]


I have to admit: I’m a collector. My partner calls me “Two Sheds” after the Monty Python skit. I collect all sorts of random things, pieces of glass and metal I find on the street, photographs, books and yes, fabric. Knowing my fondness for collecting and sewing my mom sent me a newspaper clipping about […]