More Pillows!

Mother’s Day is always a good reason for pillow making since they make such nice gifts, but we seemed to find a lot of reasons to make pillows this year – a friend moving back to her home state of Alabama prompted the making of a “state” pillow; on another occasion it was immortalizing one of the greatest German Short-Haired Pointers of all time; and then there was the Father’s Day pillow made with an adorable fabric-printed picture of grandkids; and last but not least was the leather dog plow made by one of Sewnolita’s summer students for his portuguese water dog named Shayshay.

Pillow Making

We’ve had a very busy year of pillow making! Pillows are such fun things to make and they are great for every occasion and work well as presents for all ages – no one doesn’t love a pillow! Some of my favorites this year were a mother’s day pillow that incorporated an original poem made by a Sewnolita student Sofia who was eleven at the time. She chose a richly decorated, soft brocade for the back. She then printed out her poem to her mom onto cotton twill printable fabric and sewed the two together. I loved it so much I was wishing I was her mom!

Daughter of Invention

I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase “mother of invention,” well my daughter is the “daughter of invention.” She is always inventing. Just the other day we were just hanging out getting a bite to eat at a little hole in the wall on the East side of town when I looked over and saw that she was at it again! She’d found some popsicle sticks and pulled some fabric from my bag and made an entire family to keep her company while we waited for our food to arrive. She even let her sister play too!