Lori Horsley is one of New York City’s rising talents in the burgeoning world of DIY sewing. Learning to sew at the age of five from her mom, Lori embraced the family tradition and has continued to hone her craft ever since. She attended Traphagen School of Fashion in New York where Mary McFadden started her career. In addition to sewing, Lori is a versatile knitter and photographer. She lives in New York with her partner and two children.

Sewnolita was founded with the mission to inspire and nurture creative expression through sewing as a rediscovered domestic art in a comfortable, fun and friendly environment. The boutique scale of her sewing workshop encourages personal interaction and community learning.

From basic level to more advanced, as well as private instruction, we hope you’ll join our beehive and get buzzing with your next sewing project! Visit our BLOG for more insight and inspirational stories.